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California health insurance shopping is: A) A dreaded, long drawn-out affair that involves wasting hours of time poring over reams of data and making phone call after phone call for California health insurance quotes OR B) An easy walk in the park event that involves you with a cup of coffee in front of your computer screen easily comparing top CA health insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of CAAetnaPacificareHealth NetHumanaUnited Healthcare and all of their best offers for coverage side by side.

If option A represents your past experience shopping for California health insurance then be prepared for something new and maybe even…easy! Enter your information in one time and then compare top CA medical insurance policies side by side as top California health insurance companies show you their best health care offers!

Let the price transparency that the Internet brings work to your advantage by viewing CA health quotes side by side from multiple companies. You could request ahealth insurance quote from Aetna, then call BC/BS of CA and then ask then for a health quote, then call United Healthcare and ask them for a CA quote, then call Kaiser Permanente and ask them for a quote, and then call PacifiCare…ok you get the idea. Why go through all of that hassle?

Take 5 minutes to enter in your information only one time and then let technology take care of the rest! View California health insurance quotes from all of California’s top health insurance companies side by side and then you make the decision – from the comfort of your own home or office.

Health insurance in California is great because there are so many options. You can choose between top CA health companies including but not limited to Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA, Humana, PacifiCare, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Health Net, and Assurant Health of CA. Let the top CA health insurance companies compete for your business.

The Necessity Of Having A Comprehensive California Health Insurance Plan

For residents of California, health insurance is something that needs to be in place. If you don't have health insurance in CA, you will be expected to pay for the cost of your healthcare needs out of your own pocket. This can put a strain on your finances, to say the least, and could lead to having to declare bankruptcy.

A better plan of for you and your family living in California is to buy sufficient health insurance coverage so that the only thing you need to concentrate on in the case of illness or injury is getting well again.

When seeking your health insurance coverage, California residents will need to look at the rates, coverage, different policies and companies involved. You will find dramatically different rates offered for the same coverage from different companies.

California Health Insurance: Healthy Families

The Healthy Families Program is funded by the government and is designed to provide protection for children's healthcare needs. It provides the following types of coverage to youngsters:

  1. Health

  2. Vision

  3. Dental

Once a family has enrolled in the Program, the insurance will cover the majority of the expenses related to:

  1. Doctor Visits

  2. Dental Appointments

  3. Seeing a Specialist

  4. Hospital Stays

  5. Laboratory Tests

  6. Prescriptions Medications

Qualifying for Coverage Under the Healthy Families Program

To receive benefits under this Program, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Children must be 18 years of age or under

  2. Children must be California residents

  3. The family must have been without employer-sponsored health insurance for 90 days before applying for coverage under Healthy Families

  4. Children must be U.S. citizens, eligible immigrants, or non-citizen nationals

  5. Family income must be within the guidelines set by the government (guidelines are updated on an annual basis)

Cost of Premiums for Health Families

Premium costs for the Program depend on the following criteria:

  1. Number of Family Members

  2. Family Income

  3. Healthcare Plan Chosen


Premiums range from $4.00 to $15.00 per child, per month. The monthly maximum is $45.00, no matter how many children are in the family. In addition to the premiums, a copayment of $5.00 is required when you access healthcare services. Some services do not require a copayment.

An annual maximum for copayments has been set at $250.00. The "year" as far as copayments are concerned runs from July 1-June 30. Participants in the program are asked to keep their receipts and to let Plan administrators know if they reach the $250.00 maximum before the end of June. If so, they will not be required to make any more copayments until July 1.

California Health Insurance: How To Find The Cheapest Coverage

Here are some suggestions to help you get the CA health insurance you need at an affordable price:

  1. Buy Individual Insurance Instead of Participating in a Group Plan: The cost of group health insurance coverage in CA is more expensive than buying an individual policy. If you work for a company where the bulk of the cost (if not the full amount) is paid for by your employer, then it may make sense to sign up for the group coverage offered. If not, then it will probably be less expensive for you to buy a policy on your own, especially if you and your family are in good health and there are no pre-existing conditions to consider. Why is this the case? When an insurance provider or business offers a group health insurance plan, they are required to include everyone in the policy. That means that even if you don’t smoke, are in great health and have no pre-existing conditions, your rates will be impacted by those who do. When you apply for individual health insurance your rates are determined solely be your personal factors.

  2. Consider Opening a Health Savings Account (HSA): If you are interested in paying lower premiums while having access to major medical coverage, then you may want to consider an HSA plan. When you deposit money in the HSA, it grows tax-free until you withdraw the funds to pay for your healthcare needs. (If you withdraw the funds for any other purpose before the age of 65, they are subject to penalty).

  3. Re-evaluate Your Health Insurance at Least Once a Year: Your healthcare needs will change over time, and a plan that fit your needs even six months or a year ago may not be the best choice for you now. Most insurance plans in CA require you to commit to either a six-month or 12-month period. Get in the habit of looking at alternate carriers shortly before your current coverage is due to expire. That way, you know whether you should stay with your current insurance company or change insurers to get higher level of coverage or lower premiums, or both.

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