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California Affordable Health Insurance

Finding affordable CA health insurance can be somewhat of a pain if you do not have all of the required information and the correct tools.

Learn money saving tips to help you shave your monthly premiums and find low cost California health insurance. You don’t have to sacrifice quality and comprehensive health coverage in order to save money on your CA policy because there are many top health insurance carriers that will compete for your business.

Use our free quote tool at the top of the page to compare California health insurance quotes from top companies in your area side by side. Find the most affordable plan for your budget and specific needs by doing your research and comparing free quotes CA health quotes now!

Finding Affordable California Health Insurance Made Easy

Finding California affordable health insurance has never been easier than with the help of the Internet and state licensed agents and brokers.  The Internet can start you on your way to finding California affordable health insurance. Agents and brokers can help you sort through the information and answer all your questions enabling you to find the not only the coverage you need and want but the best coverage for your money.

Remember, using a broker or agent will not increase your premium.  In California, getting affordable health insurance is a 2-step process using technology and people.

Before you decide on a health insurance plan, get quotes from at least three companies.  Premiums can vary greatly from one health insurance company to another.  Cost is dependant on how large the company is (a larger company can usually give you better rates) and who is underwriting the policies.

Some Helpful Information To Aid In Finding California Affordable Health Insurance

  • Unless you are HIPAA eligible, insurance companies can turn you down or charge higher premiums due to your health factors and other things individual insurance companies consider when determining insurability.
  • If you are HIPAA eligible you can not be denied coverage by a health insurance company.
  • California law does not require companies to offer standardized policies.  They can pick and choose what they want to cover and at what cost.  Read over everything carefully to make sure you are getting the coverage you need.
  • Pre-existing condition exclusions can not last longer than 6 months if the policy is covering three or more people and not over 12 months for a policy covering one or two persons.
  • If you are eligible for HIPAA insurance, state law limits what you can be charged for a premium.  If you ate not HIPAA eligible you may be charged any amount for coverage.
  • Major Risk Medical Insurance Program (MRMIP) – This is California’s risk pool program for those who have trouble getting insurance or have an expensive medical condition.  Anyone deemed uninsurable (must have been turned down for health insurance in the last 12 months) can purchase MRMIP insurance.  MRMIP has both individual and family policies and eligibility requirements are you must be a citizen of the state of California and you must not be eligible for either employee offered group insurance or Medicare. 

In California, Affordable Health Insurance Options DO Exist

Each one of the different health insurance options have their pros and cons and you will have to decide which option is best for you and your family’s needs.

  • HMO or Health Maintenance Organization – Many times an HMO will have their own clinics employed by their own doctors that you have to go to.  One doctor is in charge of all your health care and has to approve any referrals or hospital visits.
  • PPO or Preferred Provider Organization – PPOs provide the most flexibility.  You are free to choose your doctor and you don’t need referrals or pre-authorization from your doctor for other care.  Physicians are either in network, meaning they have a contract with your insurance company, or out of network.  You will save more going to an in network provider.  If you choose a doctor out of the insurance company’s network you will be responsible for a percentage of your medical bills as well as any deductibles.
  • EPO or Exclusive Provider Organization – This is just like a PPO only if you go to an out of network provider you are responsible for all of your medical costs.
  • Fee for Service Plans – You pay for your medical bills up front and submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement after deductibles are met.  Depending on your policy you will either get all of or a portion of the medical costs reimbursed.
  • HSA or Health Savings Account – While this isn’t a type of policy, it can help make your overall health insurance costs more affordable.  How a health savings account works is you put away pre-tax dollars that you can use to cover co-pays, prescriptions, dental and vision expenses not covered by your insurance, insurance premiums, some over the counter medications, vitamins and bandages. 

In California, Affordable Health Insurance Is Offered By These Companies 

Here is a list of some of the top insurance companies offering affordable California individual health insurance plans: 

  1. Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  1. Cigna
  1. Health Net HMO and PPO
  1. Universal
  1. PacifiCare (United Healthcare)
  1. Kaiser Permanente
  1. Humana

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We have provided you with an easy to use quote tool to get you started comparing California affordable health insurance. Get started finding affordable California health insurance now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

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