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The California individual health insurance market is a very competitive market with plenty of options for you; the CA health insurance shopper. There are many top insurance companies that will compete for your business by offering attractive rates, comprehensive health care coverage, and outstanding value.

Do your research when shopping for CA individual health care coverage by learning about the different plans, networks, companies, and premium rates. Prices and coverage quality can vary from zip code to zip code so be sure and compare plan from companies that offer coverage in your home zip code.

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California Individual Health Insurance Is Becoming A Necessity

California individual health insurance is becoming a necessity, especially because many people in the state are without coverage and are unable to afford the rising costs of the healthcare industry from their out of pocket expenses.  Those who are self-employed, not covered under a group plan, not satisfied with their employer’s coverage, or those who would like additional family coverage in CA often seek out individual health insurance.

California Individual Health Insurance Is Much Cheaper Than Group Coverage

Despite claims that individual health insurance in CA can be more expensive than group rates, it’s often quite a bit cheaper because group health policies are forced to include high risk candidates. If you are somewhat healthy then a California individual health insurance policy will probably the cheapest possible plan that you will be able to find.

Individual health insurance in California is different than CA group health insurance in that the underwriting process is different and the criteria more strenuous in some respects than applying for a group plan. On the group side you have to worry only about discrimination requirements and other administrative type requirements that are usually more of the employer’s headache than it concerns the employee. As an employee if you meet your employer’s health plan eligibilty requirements – if there is a 3 month wait for the enrollment period, 6 month wait, etc. then you will be accepted into the group health plan.

However, California individual health insurance is different in that you will have to answer questions related to your health history going back 10 years with most companies. To qualify for CA individual health insurance you must meet certain criteria that is not overly taxing but you must be fairly healthy. If you have cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or some other serious type of ailment then you will be turned down for CA individual health insurance in most scenarios. If you have minor type pre-existing conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, controlled asthma or the like then you will not be automatically ruled out for California individual health insurance.

Since you may be able to get a less expensive individual policy, many people choose to go that route. So even if your employer offers a group plan and contributes little or no money towards the employee’s premiums, it may be worth your while to look into what the various CA insurers offers in individual health insurance.

The Basics Of California Individual Health Insurance

Knowing the basics of your CA individual health insurance policy can save you money in the long run because you’ll know to buy only the coverage that you think you’ll need.  The more educated you are, the more likely you are to not buy coverage you don’t think you’ll need.  Of course, in the case of health insurance, more is better.  But, that is entirely up to you.  Read more to learn about individual health insurance in California.

● HMO:  HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization and provides comprehensive health care by network physicians to enrolled individuals.  Most of the time it is financed through periodic fixed payments determined at your enrollment time.  HMO’s require that you have a designated Personal Physician.

● PPO:  This stands for Preferred Provider Organization and members receive full coverage as long as they use preferred providers in the PPO network.  You can also opt to pay a little more to go to any doctor, even those outside the PPO network.

● Non-Preferred Providers:  Non-preferred providers refer to those in the healthcare industry outside the PPO network.  They often charge more than your CA individual health insurance allows and you’ll have to pay the difference.

● Deductibles:  Deductibles refer to the initial amount you have to pay in a calendar year before your insurance kicks in.

● Co-payments:  These are the amount you agree to pay at each covered visit after you meet your deductible.  For example: some insurance plans require that you pay anywhere from $10-$40 at the time of a routine doctor visit.

● Co-Payment Maximum:  After you pay your co-payment up to a specified amount, your insurance will usually pay the remainder for the rest of the year.  Some insurance providers make it mandatory to pay co-payments for visits even if you’ve met your maximum.  Make sure to read your policy thoroughly and know what is covered after you’ve met your maximum limit and what isn’t.

● Pre-Existing Conditions:  Pre-existing conditions include any illness or condition where any medical advice and care was received during the six months prior to your plan’s effective date.

● Preventative Care:  Preventative Care applies to any preventative medical services used for early detection of diseases when you don’t have any symptoms.

What To Do If You Cannot Find CA Individual Health Insurance

If you’ve exhausted your options and have applied and been denied by everyone, there still might be some hope for you to have some limited CA individual health insurance, especially if you have a pre-existing condition that is causing individual health insurance companies to reject your application.

You can turn to California’s High Risk Pool for People with Health Problems.  This program is a state run program that sells insurance to a small number of people who have been turned down or have been given highly expensive policies because of a serious existing health problem.

Advice For Shopping For California Individual Health Insurance Plans

If you can’t get individual health insurance through your job, you’ll have to “hit the pavement” and shop around for multiple quotes.  Remember that the same coverage isn’t the same price from company to company.  Make sure to address these points when you’re getting quotes:

● Covered Services:  Ask what services are covered.

● Deductible:  Ask about how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket for your deductible before insurance starts to help pay.

● Maximum Out Of Pocket Expenses:  Make sure that you address how much you are required to spend out of pocket per calendar year.  Please make sure you can afford this maximum amount before buying the policy.

Health Insurance Companies Offering California Individual Health Insurance

The California individual health insurance market is a very competitive market with plenty of options for you; the CA health insurance shopper. There are many top insurance companies that will compete for your business by offering attractive rates, comprehensive health care coverage, and outstanding value.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, United Healthcare, PacifiCare, Assurant Health, Cigna, Humana, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, and Aetna are just a few of the well know companies that may offer you coverage in California. Many of these companies offer online quoting and online applications.

(Hint: you could go directly to each company’s website and request health insurance quotes at each one by filling out form after form or you could save time by using our free California health insurance comparison service and view quotes from over 5 top companies in your zip code – all after only filling out your information one time and ususally in under 30 seconds!).

Quick Hints To Save Money On A California Individual Health Insurance Plan

With so many different CA health insurance companies offering coverage and so many different underwriting guidelines for individual health insurance in California it can definitely pay to do your research and compare top company’s offers against each other. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Company Reputation: Choose a reputable health insurance company – one that is more than just a small fly by night company that no one has ever heard of before.

2. Independent Agent: Speak with an independent California health insurance agent that can work with multiple company’s (steer clear from captive agents as they can only work with one health insurance company – this eliminates the ability to “shop” multiple company’s quotes).

3. Doctor Recommendation: Speak with your doctor or insurance administrator at your doctor’s office and see what insurance companies they recommend you investigate.

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