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Can I save money by going direct to an insurance company and not using an agent?

– Stephen J. Santa Barbara, CA

Hi Stephen,

This is a common misconception but the truth is that you will never be able to save money by going directly to a California health insurance company and bypassing an agent or broker. California health insurance rates are set by the insurance company and regulated by state law. You will receive the same rate regardless of whether you apply with Agent A, Agent B or directly with the insurance company.

Sometimes you will see the same exact plan from the same exact company for a different quoted rate – why is this? The only way that the quoted rate can show differently is if the quotes are not based on identical input information. In other words, one quote may have your age as 42 and another may have your age as 43 so of course the quote with your age as 42 will be cheaper.

Watch out for the unethical practice of “Lowballing” where an agent will input incorrect information for your quotes in order to show you a low rate. Always double check that your correct age, home zip code, and health history are used to run your California insurance quotes. To avoid being a victim of “Lowballing” why not take a few moments to input your information yourself and compare multiple CA health insurance companies rates. Get free California health insurance quotes now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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