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I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Am I still eligible for a California health insurance plan?

– Kyle M. San Francisco, CA

Hi Kyle,

Diabetics have some important things that they should keep in mind when looking for a California health insurance plan. Most health insurance companies will not extend individual health insurance coverage to a diabetic unless that individual is eligible for a California HIPAA health insurance plan.

This type of strict underwriting criteria in individual health is the main reason why individual health insurance is much cheaper than group health insurance in the state of CA (and almost all other states).

Kyle, if you are offered a group health insurance plan through your employer then that may be your best bet (if that is not an option for you then you will want to see if you qualify for a California HIPAA health insurance plan). This illustrates the importance of maintaining continuous coverage as there are laws including the aforementioned HIPAA and also COBRA that make sure that CA residents that keep continuous health insurance coverage will always have a health insurance plan available to them – whether they have diabetes or any other type of health problems.

If you are not able to obtain a California group health insurance plan and you are not eligible for a HIPAA guaranteed issue plan then you may be forced to look for a limited benefit health plan. There are some types of California indemnity health insurance policies that may extend coverage to diabetics although indemnity plans do offer the full range of comprehensive benefits that a regular California major medical plan will.

However, even an indemnity policy is better than no health insurance coverage at all. Speak with an independent California health insurance agent for guidance to your specific situation. Take just a few moments to find agents in your zip code and use our free quote finder to compare California health insurance quotes now!

Free Health Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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